Renee Thompson R2R elite

I have been so busy shooting, that I haven’t had time to post!

This particular shoot was pretty cool… or rather COLD. Renee completely froze but she was a trooper. it has since been published in Photographer and Muse, which is why I could not blog about it earlier.

There were a lot of things that went on with this shoot to make it happen. First of all , I had pulled $14,000 in clothes. That alone made me a little nervous. Secondly, the shoot got cancelled, rescheduled and location changed the day before! As a result the final outcome was completely different.

At first I had found a few husky dogs and was going to shoot it at Port Burwell on the ice, but Renee’s car died and she had to cancel as she had no ride to my place. I cancelled the dogs and rescheduled to shoot on the Conastoga River in Waterloo near Emily Anne’s place so that Renee could take the bus. On the day of the shoot, one hour before, I was scouting the location when my friend noticed a dog sled team on the river!! I immediately stopped the car and ran down to the river screaming and shooting for the sled to stop! Igor, the owner and trainer of the dogs ( ) was kind enough to agree to letting me use his dogs in the shoot which then happened an hour later.

Not seen here in these photos are the field mouse I stepped on by accident ( which completely freaked out Renee) nor the warm up hut which saved the day in this -10 degree weather. As ususal, Emily Anne did an amazing job with the make-up and as a team, we did the styling.


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